mardi 7 septembre 2010

au marché

Je serais au Marché Beau Beau les 18 et 19 septembre au BiP. Sur le stand : le loup
et puis des livres et autres faits par un bon petit groupe de nanas.

4 commentaires:

Marie a dit…

Oh yes, youpie ! On y sera !

Anonyme a dit…

J'y serais bien allée si ce n'etait qu'une question de distance:)))

Veja cecilia a dit…

thanks for your comment on my blog that lead me to yours!:) when I drawI usually draw the final size at once, takes alot of hard work but the result is the best. I am very picky with my lines and if I enlarge lines they will change their way of looking and behaving. one tip (if you wish to enlarge) is to scan your original dawing and print it tiled in a bigger size and then use a lightbox ta draw it again on a bigger paiper. takes less time and you have control over your drawing. the print that you made a comment on I enraged about 20% before I printed it and I like how it came out but the shape of the drawing, the nest, changed it shape a bit and now I´m thinking about drawing on the actual print. A long answer, hope you got the information you where seeking for, and welcome back to my blog!

MUS a dit…

ik heb wat gemist!

enne merci! :)